Anne Roby

Anne Roby began drumming at the age of 15 after a successful highland dancing career.  She studied under Michael Crawley, Tyler Fry, Mike Cole and Dan Griffin.

Anne is currently the Lead Tenor for the Great Lakes Pipe Band.  She is a former member of the Windsor Police, North Coast, and 87th Cleveland Pipe Bands.

Anne has been an instructor at the Alma College and Erepa Grotto Pipe Band workshops.  She has also been hired to work with a number of bands including Celtic Eagle, Capital City, Black Bear, Cyril Scott, North Coast and the University of Notre Dame Pipe Bands.


Anne has been a tenor drum instructor in the Cleveland, OH area for many years. In addition to her many private lesson students, Anne started “The Cleveland Tenor Group”, which is a series of group lessons for tenor drummers in Cleveland bands.  This group has expanded to include players that come from all parts of Ohio.